Is it possible for two individuals to create a single lamp together?

Is it possible for two individuals to create a single lamp together?

Indeed, it is possible. Please note that due to limited seats, an additional fee ($35 or $55) will be charged for the accompanying person.

To book your workshop, simply select your preferred time and click "next." Then, choose an artwork type/s you're interested in (1 Artwork = 1 person/seat) and select "Accompany person" option for the extra person. Finally, click "book now" to complete your reservation.

Accompany person is an additional fee for someone, like a friend or family member, who wants to join and work on the same artwork/project with another attendee. Because of the limited seats and resources, we charge for accommodating an extra person while he/she enjoys the class with refreshments provided. Booking for an Accompany person secures one (1) seat for the workshop.

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    • Can I use the lamp in other countries?

      Our lamps are designed to work in most countries worldwide. However, if you encounter any issues with the lamp during your travels, we suggest that you try to replace the provided bulb before seeking further assistance.
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      Please note that for cancellations to a scheduled event, a notice of at least 120 hours (5 days) prior to the start time is required. If the cancellation is made between 168 to 120 hours (7 days to 5 days) before the event, the host may collect an ...
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