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Hoboken Address


Our new studio location in Hoboken will be the workshop venue for all of our Turkish Art Workshops in Hoboken, NJ starting February 9th, 2024.


Mission 50: Coworking, Office Space & Suites 
50 Harrison St Unit 211-B (Second Floor), Hoboken, NJ 07030
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For our returning customers, we are still located in the same building and area as the previous workshop you attended in, only that we are in a different space (farther left when facing the building from the parking lot).


When facing the building from the parking lot, please proceed to the far left side of the building where you see MISSION 50. 

The entrance door has an automated door lock and requires that you either type in a PIN code or show a QR code for it to open.

When you arrive, select "Virtual Key" on the tablet at the entrance of the building and enter this PIN: 029997

Or follow this LINK 🔗and hold the QR code on your phone up to the camera. 

You can also use the intercom to call your contact under "Mosaic Art Studio". 

If the door does not open with the code or nobody answers you from the intercom, you can call us at 888-899-7339 for further assistance.

Directions to the Studio

After you enter the door, the elevator is located on the left side of the corridor. Please take the elevator to the second floor.

When you exit the elevator, please follow the corridor. Our studio is located in Office 211, Room B. Our instructor will meet you at the door.

You can use the building's digital touchscreen Directory to view an area map and for detailed directions to the venue.


There is a wide parking lot for several cars in front of the building. The area is paid parking.

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